Daily Debacle – Blind Leading the Blind

This was the very first hand I played tonight – at $0.50 – 1.00 NL online, with my standard and table max starting stack of $100.  I have not played much online in the last few days, with relatives visiting and then a live tournament last night (finished 2nd out of 26 players!), so I’m planning a good long session tonight.  Let’s get started!

I am the big blind and dealt Qs Js.  One of my favorite hands.  Everybody folds to the button, who limps in.  The small blind also folds.

Flop ($2.50):  Qc 8s 9h.  Nice!  I have top pair and a gutshot straight draw.  I check and the villain bets $1.50. As a matter of habit, I try play the first hand of a session really tight, unless it’s a huge hand.  Call me superstitious on this point, but for many, many years I’ve repeated the saying that whoever wins the first hand ends up with a losing night.  I call.

Turn ($5.50):  Ts.  Bingo!  Not only did I make my straight, but also with a redraw to a flush (including a possible straight flush).  Time to try to get some chips in the pot.  I make a pot-sized bet of $5.50.  Now the villain raises to $15.  I guess he also has a Jack and we’re going to chop the pot, unless either (A) my flush comes on the river, or (B) he’s holding exactly KJ – a strong enough hand that he should have raised pre-flop instead of limping, or (C) he’s bluffing (including possibility he just turned a 2-pair type hand into a bluff or a semi-bluff with a higher flush draw).

I’ve vote for (A) or (C), and re-raise to $37.50.  If he has a Jack, it’s not possible for him to also have a flush draw.  If he has a higher flush draw, I have two blockers, leaving him only 7 outs rather than 9.  If he has 2-pair, I’m going to find out if he’ll dump in some more money.

Well, humpty-dump he does, going all-in (and has me covered).

This is starting to remind me of another hand played over the weekend.  (if this were a TV show, we’d now queue some dreamy music and there would be a big swirl on the screen as my mind goes back in time.)

It was just a couple of days ago, and I’ve been at this table ($0.50 – 1.00 NL online) for just one orbit of play.  Now I am the big blind and dealt Js Tc.  The UTG player raises to $2.10 and everybody else folds.  Why not see a relatively cheap flop?  I call for $1.10 more.

Flop ($4.70):  Ac 9d Qs.  I have an open-ended straight draw, to the nuts on either end.  I check to the pre-flop aggressor, and he bets $2.  An easy call.

Turn ($8.70):  8h.  Bingo!  I have the stone cold nuts.  Since he continued to show aggression on the flop, I’ll check here in hopes of putting in a strong check-raise.  One more bet is probably all I’m going to get here, but for a “big blind special,” I’ll take it!  Alas, he temporarily foils my plan by checking behind.

River ($8.70):  Th.  Not a great card for me, as any Jack now has a straight and we could be chopping the pot.  Plus, with a one-liner to a straight (i.e. a gutshot on the board), it will be much harder to get any action if he has anything weaker than a straight.  Gotta try though, so I make a pot-sized bet of $8.70.  He quickly raises to $28.  Holy moly!

Let’s think about this:  the only thing that beats me is exactly KJ.  He made a very small bet from UTG pre-flop, a rather weak continuation bet on the flop, checked back the turn and now bombs the river.  That just doesn’t seem like a play for KJ to me, more likely for JJ (aside from the combinatorics – one Jack on the board, another in my hand, so only one combination of JJ is possible) or TT, both of which I beat.  On the other hand, if he doesn’t have exactly KJ, he should worry a little bit about the possibility that I do.  On the other hand, that presumes he is a thinking player, and here we are playing 100NL online.  Nahhh, not a thinking player.

I call, and he turns over KJ.  Exactly.  Exactly.  Exactly……..


So here I am with the second to the nuts straight and a redraw for a flush, and the villain on the button goes all in.  The only hand that beats me is exactly KJ.

Have I seen this movie recently?  Don’t I know how it ends?  On the other hand, the villain is on the button and KJ surely would open-raise in this spot.  Right?

I call, and he turns over KJ.  Exactly.  One hand played, down $100.

After reloading, the very next hand I piss away another $19.50 on an attempted steal / C-bet in a state of mini-tilt.  Two hands played, down $119.50 at 100NL.  I wonder who the biggest fish is at this table???

Year-to-date online results:  (- $438)

Month-to-date online results:  + $71

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