Thou Shalt Not Steal

I seem to be obsessed with trying to steal pots lately.  That needs to stop.

Last night playing $2-4 no limit Hold’em and finished with a net gain of $22.  OK, at least it wasn’t a loss, but pretty mediocre for playing 3.5 hours, even when considering the rake.

But I surely spewed away $300+ just on failed steal attempts.  I’m not going to provide the full play-by-play here, but here are two (of many) lowlights:

1 – Called on button with KT offsuit and three undercards came on the flop.  Check-check.  The turn card paired the board and I bet.  The original pre-flop raiser called.  River was a brick and I made a pot-sized bet.  He called with AK offsuit and won with A-high.

2 – In a button v. SB (me) battle, check-min-raised turn when a 3rd spade hit the board (I had two hearts), then bombed the river.  Villain had a made flush, albeit not the Ace, but called anyway.

Curtailing these silly and sometimes large losses will fix a major current leak in my game.  If I don’t know where I stand, just fold and wait for a better situation.


That should do it.

Year-to-date online results:  + $8,716

Month-to-date online results:  + $1,631

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