Check-raise with nut flush draw

Trying to pick the worst of many bad plays from last night.

I was doing OK, with a stack of $260 (after initial buy in of $200 at $1-2 no limit), and got Ad Tc in the small blind.  A player in UTG+2 raised to $6 and the cutoff called.

This should be a simple fold. AT off suit , out of position, against an early raiser, is too hard to play and very hard to win a big pot even if something good happens.

But I call anyway, feeling a bit frisky and confident in my skills.  The flop is Kd 7d 3d, giving me a nut flush draw.  This is always a sticky spot for me as I don’t really like pumping chips into the pot from out of position without a made hand, and check-calling somewhat announces that I have a flush draw.

So I choose the latter option and check.  The original opener makes a pot-sized bet and the other player quickly folds.  In an act of NOT thinking, I decide the implied odds justifies a call.  The turn card is Tc, giving a 2nd pair and possibly some additional outs if the villain isn’t fast playing a made flush.

Did I just type “made flush?” I have the Ace of diamonds and the King of diamonds came out on the flop.  Opening from UTG+2 with Qd Jd or Jd Td is fairly unlikely but still possible.  That would take away two of my outs.  He could also have flopped a set of kings or sevens,  in which case the Td would now make him a full house.  Gotta consider whether all of my outs are real.

I check again and bets pot again (now $72), which makes me kind of mad because I know it is a mistake to proceed any further.  With his bet there is now $141 (after the rake), which would look really good added to my stack, now wouldn’t it?

I check-raise shove all in for about $180 and he snap calls, showing KT off suit,  a blank river card comes and he takes down a $515 pot.

Year-to-date online results:  + $7,252

Month- to-date online results:  + $172

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