Queen Sheba’s Revenge?

Pocket Queens are killing me lately.

Last Tuesday, QQ < AA all-in pre-flop.

Then Friday, QQ < KK all-in pre-flop.

In both cases, I considered that calling the villain’s shove might be ill-advised. Then ran right through the stop signs.

And both cases came before my 3:00 am romp with Queen Sheba in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Maybe that was ‘pre-venge,’ if there is such a thing.

Then on Sunday… QQ in the big blind after many limpers. I make it 8 BBs and get four callers, The flop is Ace-high, all diamonds (and I have the Q♦). Small blind checks, I check, someone bets, if folds back to SB to check-raises to 50 BBs. Gotta abandon ship, as does the initial bettor. SB makes a comment to the effect of any Ax I might have had was no good, so QQ was definitely not good and chasing a 2nd nut flush draw wasn’t justifiable either.

On the very next hand, QQ in the small blind after many limpers. Like the movie Ground Hog Day. This time I raise to 9 BBs and get three callers. The flop is A99. I’ll keep this brief. I check, two other players start betting and raising making for another easy fold. One of them, already with a huge stack, eventually tables A9 for a flopped full house.

Queens! C’mon ladies, give me a break.

Stop treating me like Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby or R. Kelly.


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  1. It seemed to me for many years that I lost the most money playing A-Q and Q-Q. I’ve pretty much reconciled that A-Q is the devil that Doyle Brunson said it is. I still, however, have faith in the ladies.


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